Is Artificial Turf the Lawn of the Future?

Is Artificial Turf the Lawn of the Future?

Polypropylene is a particular type of plastic fiber which is widely used to make pill bottles and plastic cups. Artificial Turf is polypropylene fiber tufted into a carpet. In the latest type of infilled artificial turf, polyethylene fibers are tufted into the carpet and the carpet is coated with urethane or latex. The selection of polyethylene fiber is made from monofilament, silt-film or a hybrid of both. The surface of the field is created by unrolling the artificial turfs an sewing or gluing them together. The infill of the artificial turf consists of silica and the rubber taken from recycled car tires. The infill of the turf is created layer by layer using a spreader. The surface is smoothened using a brush tractor.

Widely used in sports

Artificial turfs are widely used nowadays for variety of sports including baseball, soccer, football, softball, hockey and lacrosse. Artificial turfs are used in both indoor and outdoor fields and are highly durable. The artificial turfs at various schools are used for different types of sports activities as well as team practices on daily basis and still they remain in good condition. There are even golf courses that are made of artificial turfs. In the year 2015, an artificial turf was chosen as the venue for Women’s World Cup.

Artificial turfs are eco-friendly

The natural lawns require regular maintenance and regular watering is necessary to ensure proper growth of the grass. Artificial turfs  require only very little maintenance and no watering and also no pesticides or fertilizers are required. Artificial turfs are identified as eco-friendly turfs and since they do not require regular watering they are ideal options for drought-affected areas. There are plenty of ideas for making artificial turfs for domestic applications. They can be made either on rooftop terraces or on the backyards or one can even go for indoor feng shui. Those who make artificial turfs ensure safety, durability and quality.

Bad turfs can be made good turfs

Durability and easy as well as inexpensive maintenance are the most outstanding advantages of artificial turfs. Those who manufacture artificial turfs are bringing out a lot of innovations so as to make them perfect in all aspects. Though some people are of the opinion that with artificial turfs the risks of injury will be more, detailed studies have revealed that the risk of injury is almost same for natural and artificial turfs. Since recycled rubber is used as the infill for artificial turf, toxicologists and many academicians started worrying about the hazards caused by the chemicals. However, the detailed studies revealed that the recycled rubber used in artificial turfs do not have any human health risk. The required level of maintenance, the usage and the process of installation will vary among different types of artificial turfs. There will be a lot of differences between the artificial turfs in schools and the artificial turfs that are created at big stadiums. It is very important to ensure that right quantity of infill is provided and the installation is done perfectly. When it is not done there will be bad turfs also. But, for that one cannot say that artificial turf is a bad idea.

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